Coconut Water Organic Coconut Water Packs in Bulk

Life Packs! Buy organic Coconut Water by boxes of 12 – 330ml or 1 Litre

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Drink C! | | C Coconut Water is 100% Organic, from the young coconut nut to you!
100% Organic Coconut Water, straight from the young coconut to you! Available at this site by clicking on the image.


C Coconut Water 1 Litre Organic Fresh Young Coconut
5 and 12 Litre boxes! Coconut Water is 100% organic, straight from the young coconut to you! Available at this site by clicking on the image.


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Three reasons to buy online from us if you live in New Zealand

We know you can buy Coconut Water in many different places. But our water is very special, and we have three reasons for you to consider before you decide where to stock up.

Firstly, Free Delivery

Let’s send your life-giving box of 12 TetraPaks for $3.56 per 330ml TetraPak straight to your house or office. And we’ll overnight courier it to you, on any of Monday to Friday. The value of an overnight courier service is $14 + Rural $2.80 + $4.70 for Saturday tickets. But you get overnight delivery free from us!

You can buy bulk here below too. Same product, different packaging – 1 Litre packaging.

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C Coconut Water 1 Litre Organic Fresh Young Coconut[jcol/]

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5 Litre boxes! Coconut Water is 100% organic, straight from the young coconut to you!

Second, what is Coconut Water? (delicious source of nutrients)

Coconut Water is a dynamic natural product. A noteworthy point about Coconut Water is that it rehydrates your body with minerals in a way that normal water will not. A further point to consider is that your body is able to waste those minerals and trace elements it doesn’t need.

Where does Coconut Water come from? It is found in young green coconuts before they produce the white meat we use to extract, virgin oil, cream, milk, and grated or milled coconut products like creamed coconut, or coconut flour. “King Coconut” Water, on the other hand, is an orange Coconut Water, and it is a totally different type of Coconut water only found in Sri Lanka.

C Coconut Water is almost Fat-Free

Coconut Water is fat-free, and C Coconut Water tastes delicious, which is far more than we can say for some of the products we’ve heard of, and tasted from other brands.

Third, buy certified organic coconut water

C Coconut Water 330ml packs

Now you can have C Coconut Water delivered to your home overnight*. All you need is to lean back in your deck chair in front of the warm winds from the heat pump! Ah, the cheapest visit to the tropics one can imagine.

If it’s coconut, organic, or from a remote place, we want to hear about it

At the Coconut Oil Shop, we believe in promoting products from organic or wild harvested coconuts. So let’s talk about our selection criteria for this product. Because of our selection criteria we’ve been slow to select and promote a Coconut Water in the past. We couldn’t find one that was unadulterated and organic. We’re not opposed to flavoured coconut water, but we wanted the real, well, the real McCoy  deal available first.

Drink C! C Organic Coconut Water 330 ml TetraPak is certified organic,
We  have finally found a 100% pure coconut water we’re pleased to promote. C Coconut Water, 100% Coconut Water, nothing else. Certified organic, and straight from young coconut to you.

What about the supermarket?

You can buy coconut water in the supermarket, but until recently we hadn’t found any organic, pure, 100% coconut water-only products yet. We like to be different, and make a set of guidelines for our shop, and stick to them. For example, what makes us different in supplies of coconut oil is that we specialise in organic virgin coconut oil because it is a complete product which requires no refining to deliver its life-giving properties to those who eat it, oil pull with it, and use it on their skin or hair.

Using criteria to choose a product is important to us. We created our standards for oil in the following way. We know you can buy deodorised coconut oil in the supermarket, but Sally Fallon, Dr. Mary Enig, Dr. Siegfried Gursche, and Paul Sorse (The Philippines, then the USA) all agree on one thing. Virgin oil is better than processed, nonvirgin oil. So it is with Coconut Water.

Why buy coconut water from us?

Finally, if you are going to buy some Organic Coconut Water, consider our site as your source. We selected the brand we represent based on standards. We want to be a reliable partner for supplying coconut extracted products. We’d rather not supply a product, than supply a product that is inconsistent with our quality standards. Non-organic coconut water, with preservatives, and or flavours doesn’t match our quality standards. So there are some coconut water brands we won’t sell, even if you like them and the flavours make them taste better than plain C Coconut Water.

Of course, our first choice of coconut water was an organic brand, too.

15 thoughts on “Coconut Water Organic Coconut Water Packs in Bulk

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  2. Hi there, I would like to buy coconut water bulk, But I am keen on one litre packs because I want to use it to make coconut kefir. Do you stock this?



    1. Currently C Coconut Water only comes in 330 ml packs. Sorry. We will look into supplying bigger packaging in the near future.

  3. Hi, is this coconut water heated up prior to packing? E.g. milk and many juices are heated to 70 degrees c prior to bottling as a preservation measure.



    1. Unfortunately it is. C Coconut Water is held at 90 degrees C for 4 seconds. We haven’t been able to find any packaged coconut water which has not been pasteurised.

  4. Hi!

    Do you add any sugar to your products? Or is the sugar content just the naturally occurring sugar in the coconut? I am looking for a product with no added refined-sugar.


    1. Hi there. Thanks for your enquiry. There is no added refined-sugar.

      The Coconut Oil Shop Team

    2. C Coconut Water is packed straight from coconuts with nothing added.

  5. This isnot right is it? You can get these 330ml for $3 each in Auckland how can you charge 42 for 12? Should’nt bulk be cheaper? Cheers

    1. This is right. $3 x 12 = $36. If someone is charging $3:00 per TetraPak let them go broke.
      330ml is not bulk. 1 litre is bulk. You can buy bulk here. Same product, different packaging.

      $36 + overnight courier cost is $42.70. Thank you for asking.
      Also most people have a tendency to discount the price in their head. Are you sure the price is $3:00 not $3:50? $3.50 x 12 is $42! Also some people have a mental habit of looking at 12 and calculating 10. So they look at $3 and think $30.

      Once again thanks for asking.

      The Team at Coconut Oil Shop

  6. Cool thanks for that, I didn’t take the courier fee into consideration. Yeah a lot of Indian dairies are $3 but your price is good considering it’s over night delivery thanks 🙂

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  8. How much coconut milk should you drink per day?

  9. hi ya

    is your coconut water cold pasteurised ?



    1. Hi there. Yes the Coconut Water is pasteurised.

      I believe it is high heat treated for a few seconds.

      I hope that helps to answer your question.

      Kind regards,

      The Coconut Oil Shop Team

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