Pre Order Ancient Wisdom 20 Litre Pail

Landing special $365 – now in stock price changes after 1st February

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The pail is food grade BPA free plastic, with no messy plastic bag to deal with inside. Sturdy handle on sturdy pail, unlabelled.

20 Litre Ancient Wisdom Organic Extra Virgin Raw Coconut
Oil is produced from certified organic coconuts in Samoa.

Fermented, but its taste and smell are pleasant enough for
most people.

This premium oil 20 litre packaging comes in plastic pails only.

The courier charge is free. Delivery is 2 days to Central North Island (2-3 business days)

Traditionally, coconut oil was extracted by fermentation

Fermentation was traditionally used to separate oil from
water before the advent of sophisticated pressing or centrifuging
equipment. However, this method involved heating the
oil after extraction to remove residual moisture. (The moisture content
of more than 1.00% will contribute to early deterioration.) In
addition, because the oil is fermented in open vats, it develops a
pungent or soapy smell and taste due to its prolonged exposure to

The producer of this oil patiently developed a new twist to
this age-old method of fermentation.

It took her three long years to perfect this method. Not
only did she manage to do away with any sort of heating of the oil
whatsoever, but also succeeded in retaining a relatively pleasant
flavour. So you get the best of both worlds: traditional fermentation
(which has excellent health benefits) and good taste.
Read the producer’s

We are proud to support women in business in Samoa with Ancient Wisdom
Organic Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil.

Read a testimonial from an Ancient Wisdom Customer here.

(The picture shows a 3.25 L pail. The 20 L pail comes with a handle. It doesn’t come with a label.)

Landing special $365 – now in stock price changes after 1st February

4 thoughts on “Pre Order Ancient Wisdom 20 Litre Pail

  1. Hiya, I’ve received the fermented virgin oil and it’s great. Is there a coconut oil that is like Ceres cooking oil (purple label)? I am looking for a coconut oil that is neutral in taste and flavor. Thank you

    1. Hi Charissa,

      Ceres cooking oil is an RBD coconut oil (Refined, Bleached and Deodorised). We don’t sell it because it’s not virgin and has been stripped of its phytonutrients. For more details, you can read this page “Why we don’t sell deodorised oil”:

      RBD coconut oils (which have no coconut smell or taste) always come from copra (dried coconut meat that has been lying around for a while) whereas virgin coconut oils always come from fresh coconut meat that have just been split open.

      Copra oil has to be refined to make it fit for human consumption. Moulds and any other contamination (the yellowness you see) are sterilised by steam distillation and are harmless by the time you eat it. Virgin oil is a whole food prepared under hygienic conditions, and needs no refining.

      Every brand has a different smell and taste; some stronger and some not very strong. We use virgin coconut oil for practically all cooking so we don’t notice the smell or taste any more. What have you tried so far? Have you tried White Gold Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil? Ceres virgin coconut oil (brown label) may have the most neutral taste out of all the virgin coconut oils we have. We only have it in a 5 L pail though.

  2. Hi’

    Will you be getting any more 20 L pails of ancient wisdom oil in soon?

    Kind regards

    Sharon Huxtable

    1. Yes, some more oil is leaving Samoa tomorrow so we should have some available before Christmas.

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