Fermented Range Coconut Oil

Fermented Range Aisle – if you like fermented food, and Coconut Oil

Fermented Range Aisle – Raw Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil – Gravity Separation – Delivered in NZ

In summary, fermented coconut oil appears to us to be more potent and easier to absorb into the skin than unfermented (Cold Pressed) oils. But regular Coconut Oil is the choice for many of our customers for the sake of the taste and smell.

Featured – Popular Fermented Range Aisle Products

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1L Flexipack Ancient Wisdom[jcol/]Ancient Wisdom Skin


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20L Value Pail Ancient Wisdom[jcol/]Ancient Wisdom Skin


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19 thoughts on “Fermented Range Coconut Oil

  1. I think I just paid for 2 litres of Ancient Wisdom for $83.70 through paypal but I did not give an address. If I have not paid please let me know. It was a bit confusing.

    My address for delivery is xxyyxx Phone 11-123-4567 (Edited out) by the shop.

    1. You’ve experienced a checkout with a PayPal linked credit card. We got your name, email address, payment, and physical address. All you needed to do was add to cart, and click confirm. Amazing, isn’t it?

      Rest assured, we have your money! Your order will be sent tomorrow. The only things we don’t get from a credit card transaction linked to a PayPal account are phone and card details.

      The only thing that is different for those who don’t have a PayPal account is that they need to give us their address and the form changes for them so they can do that. Very intelligent stuff!

      The Coconut Oil Shop Team

  2. Help we need a coconut oil that can be used for cooking also skin care. Have been recommend by some one in Waimate that Ancient Wisdom is the one( sounds good) but also a friend said Blue Coconut cooking oil. So hope you can help us. Thanks Barbara

    1. Thanks for your enquiry. You’ve been exposed to the heart of the debate in the market. Refined, or unrefined? Or as so many of our customers put it, “unadulterated”.
      Ancient Wisdom is unrefined, (unadulterated), rebottled in New Zealand without altering the oil. Blue Coconut brand is refined in New Zealand.

      Ancient Wisdom is a naturally pure, unbleached, unrefined, undeodorised cold process fermented oil. It is the least processed oil we sell. It has a smoke point just under 160 degrees celius if you use it for frying. It has no trans fats.

      Blue Coconut is an RBD oil by definition. This particular RBD oil has no trans fats.
      Blue Coconut is refined, and deodorised. It has had it’s smoke point increased above 170 degrees celius by processing.

      In summary, Ancient Wisdom is a Fermented, Virgin Oil. Virgin means that extracting this oil is the first and only use of the coconut meat, and there is little processing between coconut meat removal, and oil bottling. The Ancient Wisdom label actually says Extra Virgin, but we’ll deal with that matter of the word “extra” later.

      Blue Coconut says it is Cold Pressed. To compare the two oils, in this case, “Fermented”, is the opposite of Cold Pressed.

      That means that Ancient Wisdom has two distinctions. 1) It is virgin, 2) it is fermented as well as virgin.

      Being a fermented oil, Ancient Wisdom is the least processed oil we have. There is absolutely no heat applied. The coconut meat is fermented in liquid in the unpolluted rural Pacific Island outdoor air temperature. The oil is then scooped out for bottling. It’s all done by hand, in a rural environment. The oil processing has taken three years of trial and error to perfect under the care of a well educated indigenous entreprenuer who is suporting real Samoan indigenous peoples with a cash income. The processing is as natural as it comes.

      Blue Coconut, on the other hand pride themselves in their double processing. Blue coconut is made from meat that is scraped out of the nut, and left to dry in the sun. This white coconut meat is called copra. Copra is cheap. You can buy it for your animals at the stockfeed outlet. Horses and in some cases goats eat copra.

      The dried copra is then turned into oil by cold pressing. This results in crude (coconut) oil, which needs to be processed with refining, and deodorising. In the case of Blue Coconut, this process does not involve artificial chemicals, and is done with clay, in New Zealand.

      Most people rightly associate old pressing with quality and less processing. “Cold Pressed” coconut oil is what most people think they want. But what they are probably really wanting is Virgin Oil, which is cold pressed or otherwise cold processed. Copra does not make virgin oil. It makes crude oil.

      You can choose for yourself if you want cheaper refined, and deodorised oil made with high heat and or clay, or more expensive virgin oil, made without heat, no clay, no pressing, no grating, no refining, no bleaching, no deodorising.

      Now lets examine this little word, “Extra” in the Ancient Wisdom Premium Coconut Oil product we have here in the shop. Technically, we don’t need that word, “Extra” for Extra Virgin. Technically, there is no distinction between Virgin and Extra Virgin. But it is used because there are product manufacturers who distinguish between “Virgin” and “Extra Virgin”. They say unheated coconut oil, oil that is not heated above normal air temperature should be called Extra Virgin. So that is why we use that word on the label of the Ancient Wisdom oil.

      We sell Virgin oil, cold pressed, fermented or otherwise extracted. We don’t sell RBD oil. Therefore we don’t sell Blue Coconut brand, despite the fact that it is cold pressed, and has not been refined with chemicals.

      Here is the link to the Ancient Wisdom premium fermented, unrefined, unheated coconut oil. https://www.coconutoilshop.co.nz/ancient-wisdom-premium-coconut-oil/

  3. I tried to purchase 1 litre of Zenian glass jar on Monday evening. I put one in the cart and it came up with two litres. I tried to change it in the cart but the price did not change. I went right out of internet and came back in and put in one litre and it came up with 3. I gave up.

    Please send me one litre of Zenian at the discount price. I have been purchasing oil for some time now n
    but your new site is not as easy to use as previous one from my point of view.

    Repeat Customer

    1. Shopping cart tips. All online shopping carts misbehave, even ours! : o
      If the shopping cart you are using puts in the wrong amount of whatever you want, manually make it 0, then exit.

      If you don’t you’ll have frustrations. We experience this problem on online shopping carts all the time. It’s it fixable, at the time it goes wrong. But if you exit without returning “number of items” to 0, you’ll have more problems later.

      Naughty shopping carts that have misbahved in this way have a memory. Make them remember 0 items!

  4. Having consulted with my GP, I wish to purchase:-


    Please advise me,

    New Customer

    1. https://www.coconutoilshop.co.nz/ancient-wisdom-premium-coconut-oil/ This is where you can buy 1 litre.

      This is where you can buy a 2 litre jar.

      Thanks for asking.
      If you want to pay by bank deposit, here is are the instructions. https://www.coconutoilshop.co.nz/bank-deposit/

      The Coconut Oil Shop Team.

  5. […] For more information on the difference between two brands, look at this link. https://www.coconutoilshop.co.nz/order-coconut-oil/speciality-range/#comment-1571 […]

  6. Without having to read through scrolls and scrolls of pages, how do I open the four litre bucket that I just purchased?

    1. Oh, it looks like you didn’t get the instructions that normally go with the pail!

      Here is a visual guide to opening your pail.


      I hope that helps.

      The Coconut Oil Shop Team
      When your needs are bigger than the jars

  7. […] cooked were done so by heating the pan with macadamia nut oil, Dr Libby also recommended the use of coconut oil for cooking.  A block of cacao butter was passed around, it smelt divine.  It is chocolate in its […]

  8. Hi,
    Loking forward to trying your coconut oil, jar of each please.

    Cheers Arthur

  9. […] pumpkin seeds use chia seeds or sesame seeds.  If you do not have cacao butter use 1/3 cup more coconut oil.  There is no right or wrong way to make the crackle, experiment with your favorite foods and make […]

  10. Hi there, was just wondering whether what this coconut oils smoke point was? I am confused in whether it is okay to cook with extra virgin oil or not.

    Thanks heaps

    1. Hi Iva, The smoke point of virgin coconut oil is 177 degrees C. It’s fine for cooking and even deep frying. (It’s ideal if you have a deep fryer with a thermostat.) For baking, the moisture within the mixture protects the oil so you can use a much higher temperature (200-250 degrees C) no problem.

  11. […] cooked were done so by heating the pan with macadamia nut oil, Dr Libby also recommended the use of coconut oil for cooking.  A block of cacao butter was passed around, it smelt divine.  It is chocolate in its […]

  12. Hi, I have a question.

    My son is suffering from type 2 diabetes so I would like to use coconut oil for cooking to reduce his blod suger and hopefully his weight as well.
    Which coconut oil (virgin or extra virgin, or fermented or unfermented etc.) I should use for that purpose?

    Thank you,

    Yoko Couling

    1. Hi Yoko,

      Any of the oils we have on offer will be fine. Our most popular food oil is White Gold Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil here:

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