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The view from our Southland base.

About the Smith Family

About us. We were just an average family oblivious to the real health issues…

We are located close to the township of Te Anau (170 km south west of Queenstown) we view the Fiordland National Park across the basin from living room.

It’s a unique part of New Zealand. We enjoy eating and using coconut oil on a daily basis. It is our part of our wholefood revitalisation programme.

We were fairly complacent about health issues until we became parents. We bought food and everyday items that happened to be on special at supermarkets like everyone else, did and ate what the doctor recommended, and believed what we saw and read in the media about foods we should and shouldn’t eat.

Coconut Oil Shop Smith Family

The Smith Family, 2015.

The Smith Family who LOVE coconut oil
We eat and use coconut oil every day!

It all started with our first baby with severe eczema and asthma

Little did we know that our first child was going to arrive in the world with so many ailments that the modern world brings. Eczema, asthma, food allergies and sensitivities to name a few. The severity of such conditions as our son had startled and scared us constantly, and we often feared for his life. We were desperate for a solution so that our son could thrive. Then our true journey to healthy living began.

Our journey has yet a long way to go but we have found great many things in the process. A few of them, such as coconut oil, have been life-changing for us. This shop was born out of our desire to serve individuals and families in New Zealand by making quality coconut oil readily available to them at affordable prices.

When the media call up. Who do they talk to? 

Neil Smith educates people about the benefits of Coconut WholefoodsThey can talk to Neil Smith, Product Manager.

As you proceed from here, you’ll notice we are a family business. Supporting us is supporting traditional, small scale enterprise. We try to deal with suppliers who fit that description as much as possible.

One of our customers said,

“Hi team!! Thank you for your brilliant service and dedication. You guys [are amazing], providing a superior product, a service equal to the best and a fantastic attitude in your approach to everything you do. Many, many thanks and lots of love to you all!!!

Loren Bevins

Next Step: It’s easy to have premium virgin coconut oil delivered to your house, office or PO Box. So click on the link below.

No more trips to the health food shops in town only to find they have run out of virgin coconut oil. Our aim is to have a constant supply of virgin coconut oil so you don’t have to run out. Remember, it takes a few days to get your coconut oil in the mail, so place your order now by clicking on the link below.

This shop is on Google+ as Camp Coconut.  If you want to follow our shop online follow the link to Google+ and click on the + sign there.

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