Ancient Wisdom 3.25 L Value Pail (email only)

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3.25 Litre Ancient Wisdom Organic Extra Virgin Raw CoconutOil is produced from certified organic coconuts in Samoa.

Fermented, but its taste and smell are pleasant enough for most people.
This premium oil 3.25 litre packaging comes in plastic pails only; not glass jars, for ease of access.

Traditionally, coconut oil was extracted by fermentation

Fermentation was traditionally used to separate oil from water before the advent of sophisticated pressing or centrifuging equipment. However, this method involved heating the oil after extraction to remove residual moisture. (The moisture content of more than 1.00% will contribute to early deterioration.) In addition, because the oil is fermented in open vats, it develops a pungent or soapy smell and taste due to its prolonged exposure to oxygen.

The producer of this oil patiently developed a new twist to this age-old method of fermentation.

It took her three long years to perfect this method. Not only did she manage to do away with any sort of heating of the oil whatsoever, but also succeeded in retaining a relatively pleasant flavour. So you get the best of both worlds: traditional fermentation (which has excellent health benefits) and good taste. Read the producer’s statement here.

We are proud to support women in business in Samoa with Ancient Wisdom Organic Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil.

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