Coconut Butter (Creamed Coconut)

Coconut Butter (Creamed Coconut) Range – wholefood source of oil and fibre

Coconut Butter Range – Coconut Flesh Dehydrated and Ground – Delivered in NZ

If you’ll use a lot of  coconut cream, this is your aisle.

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Let’s Look At Coconut Butter (Creamed Coconut) Closer

Rich-Gold-Organic-Creamed-Coconut-Coconut-Butter Rich Gold Certified Organic Creamed Coconut
500 ml reusable glass jars made and packed in Sri Lanka

  • $16.70 for one jar
  • $32.00 for two jars
  • $64.00 for four jars
  • including GST and overnight CourierPost delivery, for NZ orders of $20 and over.
  • Coconut meat is ground up and bottled. This leaves the coconut oil in the meat, which separates when warmed.

What can you do with Rich Gold?
Asian dishes, curries, sauces, delicious deserts, ice cream, smoothies, baking super healthy goodies for ravenous kids
Make your own coconut milk or cream (adjust the amount of water).
1 cup of warmed Coconut Water
1-4 tablespoons of Rich Gold Coconut Cream (Coconut Butter)

Yes, we do have Coconut Butter, although it is called Creamed Coconut (not Coconut Oil):

The problem is, unlike coconut oil, there is not a set name for it, so it’s been called different names by different brands. Creamed coconut is very confusing because people mix it up with coconut cream, but if you are looking for coconut butter, this is what it is.

Sometimes people call solid coconut oil Coconut Butter. All Virgin Coconut Oil becomes solid. So there is more confusion there too. We made a “Coconut Butter” page for people like you.

Coconut Butter is a great peanut butter alternative

To make the best of Coconut Butter as a bread or toast spread, add good salt or sugar to taste. Organic. No additives whatsoever.

This is 100% pure coconut meat made from unsweetened dehydrated meat of a freshly-harvested mature coconut ground to a semi-solid white creamy paste. As it’s in a concentrated form, you can make coconut cream or coconut milk by adding back hot water. As it has a hint of sweetness, it’s delicious eaten straight.

The texture is almost like chocolate without the obvious sweet taste. We love to scrape some with a fork and mix it in yoghurt. It’s a real treat and we almost fight over it. Also great in desserts, curry, soups and sauces.

Select from the Quantity Option below.

1 jar (500 ml): $16.70
2 jars (1 litre)
4 jars (2 litres)

This product is available in multiples of 500 ml glass jars, 4L pails or 20L pails. It’s a handy size jar to dip in warm water to soften before use. (We don’t recommend microwaving.) Select a multiple jar option below for better value.

Free overnight courier to anywhere in NZ. (Next business day. Rural delivery may take an extra day.)

Here is the instructions for the lid on the 4L pails.

8 thoughts on “Coconut Butter (Creamed Coconut)

  1. Hi guys
    Is this the same as what you get when you put a tin of coconut milk in the fridge and it separates into the water and coconut solid. Is the solid coconut butter?
    Thanks and have a great day.

    1. No, it’s quite different. Coconut butter (creamed coconut) is pure ground coconut meat in its own natural oil. There’s no moisture so the texture and taste are not like the solid part of coconut milk. The txture is quite hard (hard to poke a fork through) unless it’s heated a little to soften or mix.

  2. Hi
    Ive had the Artisana brand of coconut butter but it did’nt seperate into two layers, why the difference?
    Thank you

    1. It should be very similar. Both Rich Gold and Zenian Creamed Coconut are packed where the coconuts are harvested (warm climate), so the contents separate and harden. If creamed coconut is mixed up and left below 26 degrees C or so, then it won’t separate again.

    2. We checked the packaging of that brand, and they say the same as us. It will separate when it is left in a warm environment. They all do. If your jar as not separated, it has not been left in a warm enough environment yet.

      We hope that helps.

      The Coconut Oil Team

  3. Hi there.
    What is the expiry date for coconut butter once the jar has been opened?

    1. The Best Before Date for the current batch of Rich Gold Creamed Coconut (Coconut Butter) is 23 July 2015.

      Once opened, it will at least go to the BBD indicated and quite safely beyond, providing that it’s kept in light free condition, not subject to large temperature fluctuation. It is a very stable product.

      You can refrigerate for longer life, but then you will have a practical issue of digging it out of the jar rock solid.

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