Oil Scrubbing Tip

How do you polish wooden furniture that won’t be cleaned?

One option that Emily, a US Military wife has shared on her blog, “The Thought Spot“, Coconut Oil Rubbing.

Some of you may have heard of Oil Pulling, or Oil Swishing.  But Oil Rubbing? What’s going on here?

Emily is expecting a baby, and thought she’d take out her old dresser, and clean it up. This is what she says,

“It’s the perfect piece of furniture for the job and it’s beautiful – unfortunately it had a few pretty bad stains, from makeup & hairspray buildup over the years, on top of the dresser that in the past I could never get off. I had used multiple cleaners and wood oils and even scrubbed it with rough sponges and nothing would take the hazy white stains off, so I gave up.”

So the solution, she finds out is in the pantry!

We thought we’d try it too

Virgin Coconut Oil Scrubbing
The white colour is heat damage on varnished wood. The VCO cuts through it, restoring the wood varnish, and cleans the table as well!
Oil Scrubbing: The top left corner is the heat damage and a little dirt on the varnish.
Oil Scrubbing: The top left corner is the heat damage and a little dirt on the varnish.

So what conclusion did we come to about Oil Scrubbing?

We’d give it a 10 out of 10 for ease!

We simply dipped a corner of a towel in the Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil, and rubbed, and rubbed. The picture shows you the heat damage was totally removed. The dirt was easily removed after oiling as well.

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