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Natural Skincare Range + Coconut Oils Aisle

This skincare aisle has both Virgin coconut oil, and other products we make. 

We, the Smith Family, got into Coconut Oil in 2003, because of a family issue with dry skin. The latest “break through” we’ve had in caring for dry skin is the skin stick we created, called the Lano Relief Skin Stick™.

We think it is revolutionary. It is made of oils only, and it is solid.

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Lano Relief Skin Stick™ | Lanolin, Manuka, soothes dry skin[jcol/]


Virgin Coconut Oil is a wonderful all-natural skin moisturiser. Click on the product photos for more detailed information.

Six of The Most Popular Skin Oil Products

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We’re introducing our story about our family’s experience with dry skin.
Every person’s experience is different. But with so many people in our family that suffer from dry skin and related conditions, we thought you might like to know something of our experiences.

We, the Smith Family, got into Coconut Oil in 2003, because of a family issue with dry skin. The latest “break through” we’ve had in caring for dry skin is the skin stick we created, called the Lano Relief Skin Stick™.
We think it is revolutionary. It is made of oils only, and it is solid.
You won’t be paying for water or preservatives, there are none in this stick.

I’d also like you to take look at this short video, which tells you about what Neil uses. It is not the content of the book detailed below. But it is a helpful video for about the products on this page.

Yes there is a cost. We are selling our story. We’re confident we are offering you advice in the story that you’ll be able to use, or pass on to someone who can use it. We know from experience, its one thing to have a great product like Virgin Coconut Oil, its quite another thing to tame our body’s natural tendencies toward inflammation or cracked dry skin, with as much natural treatment as possible.

Make sure you take a look at the report anyway.

Dry Skin: Our Story

Coconut Oil, Dry Skin and Our Experience: A Report

What’s Inside?

One evening we innocently put a woolen helmet on our first child’s head. The next morning there was a rash, and then broken skin and finally an oosing mess.

That was the start of a long journey, which hasn’t stopped yet. But thankfully we’ve learnt a lot along the way, and would like share some of the information with you.

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This is a digital download will appear on your screen in PDF format, after you have paid for it.

This is what to expect inside the downloadable report

  • Personal observations about the skin benefits of Coconut Oil over time
  • A checklist of things to try as well as Coconut Oil
  • A “secret” or two we’ve learnt along the way to help us out

Here is June Bartlett’s story

I went to Middlemore Hospital for the mother of all skin grafts to close up the massive hole covering most of the top of my foot. And that’s where White Gold Coconut Oil comes in.

Last year I heard about the great all-round benefits of coconut oil and bought a few from you before deciding White Gold was my favourite.

Then on 23 February this year I cut myself ( a small nick in the lower leg) while gardening; no big deal at the time.

Two weeks later I was admitted to North Shore Hospital in excruciating agony with acute osteomyelitis in my right foot and was advised the infection was so widespread through every bone, tendon, piece of flesh in the foot that the odds of having it amputated were very high.

However over the next 8 weeks and 9 surgeries and drainings of the infection in my foot including drilling all the bones to drain it from them too resulted in the infection going (much to the extreme joy and relief of the surgical team, consultants and me!!).

I then went on to Middlemore Hospital for the mother of all skin grafts to close up the massive hole covering most of the top of my foot.

And that’s where White Gold Coconut Oil comes in.

I had no idea what a skin graft would look like and its fair to say I was pretty horrified when a week after it was done the bandages came off to reveal the messiest ugliest thing I’d ever seen.

But it “took” beautifully and has now merged into the rest of my foot remarkably well.

I credit your coconut oil administered both internally and now externally. Only recently have I been actually able to touch the skin graft without fear of further infection. The last two weeks have seen a huge improvement and coconut oil is the only external healing product that has been allowed near it.

Also the donor site on the top right outer thigh healed fully within one week (and it was a BIG piece of skin that was borrowed) and, even though the area is still very red, running may hand over it now there is no way of telling where it starts and finishes without looking. Again White Gold Coconut Oil was magic on that and the only moisturising lotion I used on it both in hospital and once I got home.

So…………… a huge thank you for a truly wonderful product that made a life-threatening and very serious condition so very much easier to heal. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Now to get rid of the crutches and moonboot!

June Bartlett, Auckland New Zealand

Here is a story about a man who came into Paul Sorse’s shop

My appitite left quickly as he entered – says Bruce Fife.

Paul Sorse  was one of the most remarkable men I have ever met. I’ll always remember the time I was eating lunch in his little shop off Thames St in New Port, Rhode Island [State, USA]. A man came crashing through the front door. “Where is Paul?”, he cried, grimasing in pain, his hands clenching a cloth dripping in blood. My appitite left quickly as he entered.

The shop’s owner, a slightly built, aging Filipino came out of hte back room. “What’s wrong?”

“I had an accident. My lawnmower cut my hand. You’ve got to do something!”

“Come over here.”

Porfirio Pallam Sorse, known as Paul to his friends, took the man behind the ounter and examined the injury… (He had a soft tissue injury to his thumb)…Paul lifted the top of the man’s thumb and put it back in place and wrapped it in gauze, then soaked it in coconut oil.

“Keep the gauze  moist with coconut oil and check back with me in a few days,” Paul instructed. A few weeks later I saw the man again for he was one of Paul’s regular customers. To my astonishment, his thumb had completely healed. There wasn’t even a scar.

From Page 1 of “Coconut Cures”– Preventing and Treating Common Health Problems with Coconut, by Bruce Fife, ND
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White Gold Glass Range

23 thoughts on “Skincare Range Coconut Oils Aisle

  1. Could you please advise me of which product i should use for massageing only please.

    1. Well if you are interested in the best oil, with the most benefits, you’d choose a fermented oil. The least smelly is the Ancient Wisdom.
      But any virgin coconut oil from our shop is good. None are adulterated, or refined.

      Updated October 2013:

  2. Hi, just a question do you deliver as far as UK??

    1. Glass jars are heavy and will be costly, but we can calculate how many Fruit of Angels we can get into a cost effective bag option from NZ Post.
      In NZ, there are some NZ Post options that might work for soft packaging like Fruit of Angels. And yes, Ancient Wisdom will appear in soft packaging in the coming months, too.

      Also, we already sell the Soap in British Pounds, US Dollars, and Australian Dollars in another site.
      Take a look here.

      Kind regards,

      The Coconut Oil Shop.

  3. Hi, which product is best for dandruff? Cheers

    1. We use Ancient Wisdom, 160 ml jar, warmed in hot water, and placed into the palm of the hand. This is then rubbed into the scalp just before hair washing. We wash it out by using Milk Relief Soap instead of shampoo. We haven’t used shampoo for longer than we can remember – just Milk Relief Soap.

      But any of our virgin coconut oils will do the job.

      We hear that Doutzen Koes puts it on her hair at night, and sleeps with it in the hair, and washes it out in the morning. This is also a popular method of using virgin coconut oil. Here is a link to the Doutzen Kroes article that we saw this in.

      The Coconut Oil Shop

  4. Is any of the skincare products or oil products suitable for acne prone teenaged skin?

    Thank you


    1. Yes. Green Relief for Skin Salve would be perfect for supporting the skin to rid itself of them. You really need to consider the basics, as well as special treatments. Coconut oil is very good at removing dirt. Yes it is oil, but it is very good at helping the face clear up. So Ancient Wisdom is a great start.

      Also Milk Relief Soap.

      But Green Relief Salve will support the body to fight the infection too. We have 2 teenagers, and they both have clear skin as long as they use Green Relief for Skin Salve.

  5. Hi I have tinea versicolor and I was inquiring as to what products would be best for me? 🙂

    1. Hi Eve,

      We understand Tinea versicolor is caused by a fungus. Coconut Oil is naturally anti-fungal, so are Green Relief Salve and Green Gear Balm above.

      We also recommend Oil Pulling with Ancient Wisdom Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. (available from the Fermented aisle)

  6. Do you sell coconut milk for a hair conditioner? ….Margaret

    1. We don’t yet offer Coconut Milk for sale. Coconut milk can be made by adding water, or better still, Coconut Water to Creamed Coconut, which is ground coconut meat. It can also be made by adding water or Coconut Water to Coconut Cream. We have a 3 Litre tin available, but it doesn’t last for long once it is opened, and the air gets to it.

      By far the best plan in our opinion is Virgin Coconut Oil.

      I hope that helps.

  7. […] Here is another hair treatment using Milk Relief Soap™ and Virgin Coconut Oil. […]

  8. Seriously impressed with speed of delivery and product. I ordered the ancient wisdom EV Cocnut oil late on a friday afternoon and it arrived early saturday morning – what a relief for my severely dry and damaged skin (cracked, blistered and bleeding psoriasis all over my hands). Also my face loves it. Have used it in the shower as a cleanser/moisturiser for the last few days and my skin feels amazing. Thanks!
    Now trying to decide between Green Gear and Green Relief for my hands. It’s almost all cleared up after a couple of days but i have one troublesome spot still giving me some grief!
    Thanks for your fantastic products and great service.

    1. Hi Kate, Glad to hear you got your order fast. We know how you feel when your skin is itchy and sore.

      If your skin is raw, or dry and cracking, we recommend Green Gear because Green Relief might give you a burning sensation. Green Relief is also not recommended for your face because it is very potent and might irritate the face.

      On the other hand, if your skin is red and inflammed and you need fast relief, Green Relief is the way to go.

      Please note that we are not giving medical advice. What we tell you is only from our experience and we cannot guarantee any results.

  9. Hi is the green relief salve safe on baby skin and face? My baby is 6months, he has infantile eczema, I used locoid on him occasionally but I now know it has side affects and not good at all for baby skin so I stopped and his skin became red and inflammed all over. I order the virgin raw coconut oil from you and has been using it on him 2 days now, it seems like its getting abit better, but I see him scratching everywhere , so im reading about your skin care range now. Do u have any advises for me please, thanks

    1. Hi Tina,

      Thanks for getting in touch. First of all, we can’t provide you with medical advice. Whatever we’re about to say is simply what we’ve found with our family to be true for us. It is our experience that unless your baby is getting adverse reactions, any natural treatment started should be carried on diligently for at least a week. Prescription creams, especially those with steroid, will work overnight, but anything natural is going to take longer. We’d be inclined to say give virgin coconut oil at least another few days to work.

      If you are breastfeeding him, you eating virgin coconut oil will certainly help him because it will increase the level of lauric acid in your milk. Also food plays a very important part in infantile eczema. What you eat will affect him if you are breastfeeding.

      Green Relief Salve is too strong for a child under 18 months old. It’s also too strong for face, especially around eyes. You could do a patch test with Green Gear Balm on his body (not face). If his skin is OK with it, then you can spread it on itchy parts of his body twice a day, but please make sure he doesn’t rub his eyes with it by accident or it may hurt a little. (It will happen if his hands got some on them.)

      Disclaimer: The above is based on the opinions of the Coconut Oil Shop and is not offered for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease or disorder, nor have any statements herein been evaluated by any government agencies. The information is not intended as medical advice. We encourage you to make your own health care decisions based on your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.

      Hope it helps.

      Warm regards

      The Team at the Coconut Oil Shop

  10. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the well packaged order and quick delivery! I’m just wondering whether you have a product which I can use for lip balm?

    Cheer, Adele

    1. Hi Adele,

      That’s a great product idea. We make our own lip balm for family use so we’ll be offering some coconut oil lip balm in the near future.

  11. Hi

    Just wondering, if you would recommend any to apply to the head to help
    with head lice? Meaning help make the combing process easier?

    Thanks Toni


    1. Yes Virgin Coconut Oil kills lice, dead. It drowns them in oil.

      Wash it out with Milk Relief Soap.

      I hope that helps.

      The Coconut Oil Shop

    2. Here’s more detailed info we had on file:

      We can’t give medical advice or guarantee any results, but virgin coconut oil and olive oil are known to kill lice by dissolving their exoskeletons.

      Straight coconut oil is best at doing this job. You can work the coconut oil into hair and scalp 1+ hours before washing hair, or you can even do this the night before and wear a shower cap to sleep.

      Then, we recommend washing your hair thoroughly with Milk Relief Soap™ we offer in the skincare aisle, as it contains plenty of both coconut and olive oils. Wash, rinse, and wash again and rinse.

      After washing and drying hair, we recommend combing the eggs out of hair using a fine nit comb etc.

      Virgin coconut oil should be applied to hair and scalp as above every few days until you are sure that all eggs have been hatched and dealt with.

      For maintenance, we recommend using Milk Relief Soap™ for shampooing. Here’s an excerpt from our soap website:

      A little tip for natural lice prevention

      We make no claims, but here is the information you may be interested. Olive oil and coconut oil kill lice by dissolving their exoskeletons. Milk Relief Soap™ contains plenty of both oils. Other oils do not offer the same effect. So, using Milk Relief Soap™ regularly on your children’s hair may assist in preventing lice. The key is to leave the lather on their hair for as long as possible. You can achieve this by starting with washing their hair with Milk Relief Soap™, and leaving it unrinsed while you wash their bodies.

      Here are some variations of the coconut oil lice treatment:

      We recommend Ancient Wisdom Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. The same oil is also available in a 3.25 L tub.

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